Nick Phoenix has had a unique journey as a song writer, singer and composer. Nick was an instrumental part of a new genre of music called trailer music which developed into what we now know as epic music. Nick teamed up with Thomas Bergersen in 2006 and together they created the epic powerhouse Two Steps From Hell. Nick’s orchestral style is complementary to what Thomas does. Nick feels like partnering with Thomas has elevated his craft. Listen through any of the albums, including the newly released “Myth” and the differences and congrunaces are evident. Nick was also at the forefront of a new digital industry, sampling orchestral and ethnic instruments, to use in his compositions. Over the course of 20 years, he developed some of the most successful virtual instruments ever released under the East West label. Nick spent his early years playing classical piano and playing in rock bands. He put aside his rock origins to pursue film/epic music, but has recently rekindled that fire. His last solo rock album entitled “Wide World” hit #42 on the Billboard charts in the USA. If you ask Nick, he’ll tell you his secret love is classic and modern rock. “Underdog”, releasing this Fall, is an undeniably catchy and upbeat album with several memorable singles. Look for some wild videos in fall 2023 and top tens on Billboard.